Mina vitamina Exploring art and technology to play better.

Work in progress - DIY circuit oscillator

building circuit oscillator

Work in progress - Ritual for the Digital World

demo video

Work in progress of e-waste research in fall-winter-2018

E-waste research: preparing Master's thesis

Performance at Winter Wel Vaart festival 2018

Participate 'The Train that Sailed' at Winter Wel Vaart festival 2018

Exhibitions and Performances in fall 2018

Exhibitions and Performances of my work in progress, playful obsolescence

Zine 'My First Analog Synthesizer, Oscillator'

Zine for Handmade Electronics

Work in progress of e-waste research

Research, Making and Performing with E-Waste

Traces of my first year in FMI

Looking back what I've done so far and following thoughts and future working plan

Artistic Research on Blockchain

Individual research on ‘Research & Art Practices B(RAPB) course in FMI

S.O.S(sense of self) workshop

Self-quantification workshop with physical computing by TeZ Maurizio Martinucci

S.O.S(sense of self) workshop feature image

Electricity Matters workshop

Analog circuit instrument making workshop at STEIM by Nataliya Petkova