RE#SISTER: Testing the Waters

Three days of sound/art festival at OCW in Rotterdam

I became a member of RE#SISTER, a Rotterdam base female/femme/non-binary electronic music and sound community.

As I live far from Rotterdam, I could not participate in resister’s events often. But this time there was an interesting showcase ‘Testing the Waster’ happened at OCW(sound/performance venue) from 28 - 30 June. After finishing my graduation show, I went there on 29th, and joined a gig ‘noise ensemble’ with other people.

There were a variety of sound performances as well as installations during the festival. I could be there only one day. However, I really enjoyed playing my e-waste instruments with other people. Also really happy to meet other members!

These are some pics I took in the venue.

Inge and Tamara's setup

Inge and Tamara's setup

Zeynep and Yoana's setup

Zeynep and Yoana's setup at garden

My setup

My setup for noise ensemble

noise ensemble

noise ensemble, photo by Josien Hoonte

** for more information about ‘Testing the Wastes’ showcase, see here