Graduation Show Frank Mohr Institute (Academie Minerva)

at Suikerfabriek, Groningen, Netherlands, 22-27.Jun.2019

I graduated from my master’s study in MADtech(Media, Art, Design, and Technology) at Frank Mohr Institute.
The graduation show was held at Suikerfabriek(old sugar factory) in Groningen from 22-27, June.

I exhibited my e-waste instruments and e-waste synthesizer workshop kit(eno kit), and my web thesis ‘off-technology R&D’ for the show.

photos of my graduation work

I did a sound performance with my e-waste instruments 'playful obsolescence' during the show.
(sorry for the bad quality of this video!)

eno-kit (DIY kit for e-waste synthesizer)

off-technology R&D website demo video

more pics and videos here

Besides, for the additional program in the show, I did audiovisual performances with my colleagues.
One was an audiovisual performance ‘glituals’ with Carmen, and another was a sound(noise) performance with Agustin.