Exhibitions and Performances of my work ‘Playful Obsolescence’ in Fall 2018


I had 2 group exhibitions with my work in progress ‘Playful Obsolescence’ in November 2018. One took place at Ujeongguk in Seoul, Korea and another was at SIGN gallery in Groningen, Netherlands.

Exhibition Forking Room:Your Smart Neighborhood

The Exhibition Forking Room: Your Smart Neighborhood was held by Unmake Lab as a research project. The theme of the forking room is associated with today’s society, technology, and art. This year’s forking room consisted of an exhibition, talk, lecture, and workshop. I participated in the exhibition as one of the artists with the video documentation of my e-waste instrument.

forking room footage
photos by Unmake Lab
forking room poster

Forking Room: Your Smart Neighborhood, PostTerritoryUjeongguk, Seoul, South Korea, 01-04.Nov.2018

Exhibition Terzetto

From 3th to 25th of November, I had another group exhibition at SIGN gallery in Groningen, Netherlands. The exhibition took place during the Sound of Music festival in Groningen so that the gallery invited three young artists who are working on sound-related art.
I presented my e-waste instruments and the video documentation and had sound performances at the opening(on 9th) and closing(25th) events. For both performances, Lucija Gregov joined with her cello. (As we perform together as experimental sound project fruit from the forest.)

footage of exhibition terzetto
terzetto poster

Terzetto, SIGN, Groningen, Netherlands, 03-25.Nov.2018

opening performance, SIGN gallery, 9th Nov.

video by Klaas A. Mulder

Performance and Presentation

Performance at TutTotTud festival

As Fruit From the Forest, I had a performance at Tut Tot Tud festival, together with Lucija. Like as we did at the opening of exhibition Terzetto, I played my e-waste instruments with live video, and Lucija played her cello and some digital pieces made by herself.

TutTotTud, Grand Theatre, Groningen, Netherlands, 12-13.Nov.2018

video by Hannes Anderson

Presentation at Instruments Make Play Fair

I participated in Instruments Make Play Fair on 8th December. Last year’s instruments make fair festival, I joined a workshop(about making analog synthesizer by Nataliya Petkova at STEIM, Amsterdam), but this year I was there as an instrument builder!
During the fair, I gave a short presentation and performance on my work. There were lots of interesting self-made instruments made by remarkable artists and makers. And I had a great time there, meeting and having a conversation with visitors as well as other instrument builders.

instruments make play fair footage
instruments make play fair poster

Instruments Make Play Fair, WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 08.Dec.2018