I started ‘Artistic Research on Blockchain’ for Research & Art Practices B(RAPB) course in FMI.

Basically, I plan to study Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and related issues, and to research the artistic discourse and practices on it. I want to find how to exploit and play with this notable technology for my work. With my work, a design mockup or prototype will be come out as an outcome of this research.

View the research proposal on my Drive.

After the assessment

After the final assessment of my 1st-year in Master’s course on 26th June 2018, in looking back my initial ideas and what I’ve achieved together with comment and critics from my tutors, I had to rethink and redesign this blockchain research.


I couldn’t make my research proposal up to the state what I’ve planned before. I was planning to focus on one of the features in the are&blockchain world and to make some prototype related to both blockchain technology and my current work(e-waste), but only could look through generally.

My research question was still very opened and vague, and I couldn’t decide on the specific interesting area in the world of are&blockchain yet. My tutors also pointed out this, and I do agree with their point that I’m wondering in the blockchain labyrinth without a clear point of view for my masters’ thesis. Tutors advised me not to disturb myself too much with too many interests that I have. And honestly, that’s my strength as well as weakness, but it seems to become the bad one at this moment.

No doubt blockchain became expectational matter in the art and will be more boosted continually. However, to make a connection with my thesis seems to be too imprecise at the moment and too many times needed to dive into further. Frankly speaking, it will take a lot of time only with the e-waste instrument making within one year until my master’s study ends.

Thus I have to consider whether to leave it as additional research for my hobby or to find the proper way to combine with my work. At the moment, I’m leaning toward the former, just concentrating on my e-waste instrument development both in practice and theoretical research on itself.