Agreed. Installation(Arduino, Hidden camera, Web server, 3D printed parts), 2016

Worked with two other friends. We focused on how people easily agree to providing their personal information these days.
We installed a candy machine with a built-in camera hidden on the outside. There was a very light and pale sign next to the machine that read ‘If you agree to taking pictures of you, turn the handle and get candies’. So when people turned the handle of the machine to get candies, the camera secretly took pictures of them. Most audience didn’t see or notice the sign and just easily turned the knob.
In the other side of the room, there was a screen which showed these photos, thus people could find their faces after enjoying candies. 

I contributed to

  • installing the machine, coding Arduino and camera setting
Amway Young Artist Project, Amway Art Museum, Seongnam-si, Korea, 2016