I’m Mina from South Korea. Currently I live in Groningen, Netherlands, studying master in MADtech(media, art, design and technology) at Frank Mohr Institute, Art Academy Minerva.

I’m highly interested in Art and Technology, especially where the interaction between human and computer takes place. I would like to dig into these area with an artistic perspective. And I’m also into the environment and ecology, movement and body, digital society, digital activism and hacktivism.

I’m enthusiastic in trying new things whatever excites me. But, I prefer small and humble things to brand-new and fancy ones. :)


    Interactive media projects on ISC
  • Pingpong Painting(interactive sports/game/drawing), 2015
  • Color Your Voice(interactive installation), 2015
  • Starry Night(interactive installation), 2015
  • MalMal(iOS App), 2016
    Research/Design on ISC
  • A design for Internet Shopping Helper on Chrome extension, 2015
  • Smart Shopping Bag and Cart(IoT research, thesis on ISC), 2015
  • Research and development for Interactive CPR Manikin, 2016
    Research on Sociology
  • "Digital Fabrication Workshop - arts as well as a new social activity", research on New Art Activism and MAKE Workshops(thesis on Sociology), 2016
  • "Community through the relationship, Art through the process", group research on Community Art in Eunpyeong District in Seoul, Korea, 2016
    Other works
  • SNU Hippie Generation(performance), 2012
  • Meat Times series(videos etc), 2013-2016
  • Agreed.(interactive installation), 2016
  • Mask series(performance), 2016
  • Amway Young Artist Project, Amway Art Museum, Seongnam-si, Korea, 26.02-19.03.2016
  • 'Goodie', IdeaFactory in Seoul National University, Korea, 21-22.09.2016
    at media-art-club cre8s
  • Final show of ‘Studies in Vibration’, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany, 26.05.2017

You can see CV in pdf here.

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