Come Closer, Interactive Installation (Arduino), 2017

As an interactive installation using leds, infrared sensor and arduino, this work was done for final show of 4 weeks workshop ‘Studies in Vibration’ in Berlin on May, 2017. The workshop was one of programs of School of MA(machines, making & make-believe), which is an independent art and technology school based on Berlin, Germany.

During these 4 weeks, with other participants from all over the world, I had taken lectures about physical phenomena related to vibration, which especially have connection with sound and light.

I was focused on the vibration as a reaction among each other, so wanted to express connectedness between human and non human beings. Thus when a person come closer to the balloon flowers, they start to greets him/she by emitting light softly.

Every moments, our movement makes vibration whether we are recognize or not. And this vibration reaches somewhere. Thus although there is no touch or contact between 2 objects, the connection takes place indeed.

picture of come closer, installation

Final show of ‘Studies in Vibration’, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany, 2017